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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New to level 80? Did You Know? (part 1)

I am going to perma link this article so you can look it up again and again if needed. This is the first of many articles that will address what the new 80 should know, at least these are things I wish I knew when I hit 80. I am not going to get into details of quest or” how to” theory’s. I just want to make you aware that these things exist and I will post resources to help you on the way.

For those of you who have stumbled over looking for more in-depth info, please let me know what questions you have and I will answer them. More post are in the works for people who are further along in end game.

Term Definitions: If you haven’t come across these term or have but don’t know what it means, here you go. (referenced below)

iLevel 245 crafted: Each piece of gear in the game has an iLevel or Item Level. It tells you what Tier/stats the gear is associated or on par with. The stats increase as the iLev increases. The gear can be a drop from a raid boss, a quest reward, purchased with reputation and crafted by players. If you are a fresh 80 you will probably have a couple pieces of iLevel 200 and 187 on you now. As you run dungeons you will quickly gain access to iLevel 213,219,226,and 232 gear, 245 is accessible but will take a little more work and a little more saving. The ilevel should help you quickly determine if a drop is an upgrade for you or not.

T9: AKA Tier 9 Gear. The tier of the gear is usually associated with the expansion or major patch that it was released with. The highest level currently available is T10 which comes from the Ice Crown Citadel raid and emblems of frost. T9 gear is what you can purchase with your emblems of Triumph. Usually you have a couple different iLevels within a tier, for T9 we have 232 and 245.

Gems: So you have just dinged 80, you are getting shiny purples, you’re ready to start give a serious look into item enhancements! Then you see that you have a yellow gem spot on the new chest piece and want to put something in it …. So you head to the AH and see lots of shiny purples there too, but wait, what’s this, 200,300,400 gold?!?! Scroll down, scroll down, next page, ahh some cheap blues. Look, this one is 20 gold and is +16 int its only 4 int less than that purple one? Cha Ching right?

Did you know that in addition to getting PvP gear, cool mounts and trinkets from Wintergrasp, you can also spend your honor on getting epic gems? Yes for 10K honor you can buy the raw gem you would need to make an epic gem (vendor is in Stormwind) . You can purchase epic gems from the emblem vendors as well but, unless you are T9ed out and have all the crusader orbs you need for 245 crafted gear (they cost 15 emblems of triumph each), you should probably hold onto those emblems of triumph and frost. After you have bought the gem, check in trade for a jewelcrafter (JC) that is looking for work, or see if you have one in your guild. Check and see if they can make your gem. If they can, meet up and give them that 20 gold you would have spent on the blue gem as a tip!

Dont know what Wintergrasp is? Click here

Go enjoy Wintergrasp or any other battle ground and gain some honor! If you do the weekly quests in WG you can get 10K in one fight! You can also turn in all the wintergrasp shards (not emblems) you get during your heroic runs (if your faction controls WG when you’re running it) for more honor! Your faction needs to have control of WG in order for you to visit the vendor that you turn in the shards to for honor. The WG battle is pretty simple, either you are on offence trying to take over the keep or you are on defense trying to protect the keep. You can drive vehicles and can get involved in some other aspects/tactics of the battle as you become more comfortable with the battle. The best thing about PvP is you don’t have to pay to repair, so don’t be scared run in and hit/heal something! Try a couple battles out and you will find yourself setting a timer for every 2 hours and 15 min so you can log back in and do another one!

Does that extra 4 to any stat really help? Yes, and here is where personal preference and time/money come into play. If you are not planning on replacing the gear anytime soon (soon= with -in 10 days), then I would put the epic gem and the highest appropriate enchant on the gear. Let’s do the numbers, if you have 10 gem slots and you fill them with blues you would have +160 to that stat. If you use the purple you now have +200 to that stat. A +40 gain can make the difference when you are trying to squeeze everything out of your ilevel 232 gear. Not to mention as you grow you will potentially have room for 20+ gems on your gear. Even better is if you take up Jewelcrafting as a profession you can make and equip +34 to a stat gems! I am getting ahead of myself, just giving you something to look forward to as you progress thru end game.

Guide to WG Battle

Each class and even build within the class have best in slot enchants. For holy paladins you can check here for the current best enchants. Theholypaladin.com is a great resource for everything holy (and has helped me a ton)! I am not about reinventing the wheel and the wheel at holy paladin is a really good one so check it out! Other classes should be able to do a quick Google search on the topic for a list of what to get. Most enchants are easily accessible, if you have been running your heroics hopefully you have been in some groups with and enchanter (or maybe you are one)and you have been disenchanting some unwanted gear for mats. Most mats can be purchased in the AH for relatively low costs. You can also save your green and blue BoE’s and have an enchanter friend disenchant them for you for some of the mats you will need. If you cannot afford the mats for the enchants on the list above or you’re not planning on having the gear long, there are usually lower level enchants available for a lot cheaper costs. Check your enchanters lists for the lower versions of their enchants. Try to avoid buying the enchant scrolls in the AH, they are usually way overpriced.

Pant and belt enhancements: Your pants and belt are not enchanted by enchanters. The pants you can have a tailor or leatherworker make the “enhancement” and you apply it to your armor. For your belt you can have a blacksmith make the eternal belt buckle. You can probably buy the belt buckle in the AH for under 40 gold but the leg enhancements are still pretty expensive, gather the mats and have a friend make it for you.

Shoulders and head enchants: are not given by a player, but acquired thru reputation with NPC’s. For holy paladins you are going to want to get exalted with the Wyrmrest Accord and the Sons of Hodir as fast as possible! The best part is with the new changes in the game these enchants are account bound so you only have to do this grind once and can send them to your other alts later on.

How do I get exalted?

Four of the reputations can be build up by wearing that reps Tabard during WoTLK dungeon runs, each kill will yield a rep reward. You can also gain reputation by completing daily quest available in the area of that reputations quartermaster. A third way to gain rep is to spend emblems on the rep tokens that you then consume for rep; they are purchased from the emblem vendors in Dalaran.

Get your 4 Tabards
Wyrmrest: From the top level of the Wyrmrest temple
Argent Crusade: From Veteran Crusader Aliocha Segard' he can be found at the Argent Vanguard in Ice Crown (near the top in a tent)
Kirin Tor: In Dalaran at the top of the stairs in the Violet Citadel
Knights of Ebon Blade: The quartermaster is in the Shadow Vault in Ice Crown. You have to do some questing to open this area up if you are new to the zone.

You can wear these tabards before you get to 80 and get rep in the lower level dungeons. So if you are reading this in preparation for 80, get that tabard on NOW! The quartermasters will have gear and enchants available for you to buy at different levels of reputation, so check with them for gear upgrades. You need to be friendly with the rep before you can purchase the tabard.

Sons of Hodir rep: This use to be a long grind but with 3.3 they have eliminated the needs to really do the dailies. Once you have completed the quest line (when you get to the part where you are turned into a big blue lady make sure you /dance) to have access to the Sons of Hodir (I think its 34 quest long and starts in K3) you will have access to a repeatable turn in quest. You can turn in 10 relics of Ulduar for (I think) 600 rep (they buffed this in 3.3) . You get the relics from killing mobs in the zone and from running the two instances in the zone (Halls of Lightning and of Stone). They are tradable so you can purchase them from the AH if you wish to. In addition to the dailies and the relics you can purchase rep tokens from the emblem vendor in Dalaran and level up that way.

Full Details on the Sons of Hodir Here

That’s all for this addition of Did You Know!
Stop back soon for more installments. I will continue to add “Did You Know” segments that will address other new things as you progress thru 80 and end game.


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