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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Scott Johnson made me go check out pugchecker and I realized something. I have stopped doing my random daily. I don’t really need the frost badges any more so why run them?

Recently I started a Horde Shammy, and because I am lazy (because I can); I am looking to get all the heirloom equipment for him. That means back into LFD to get more emblems. After getting HoL 2 times in a row, and visiting the site above, I realized why I stopped running these. I hate HoL, according to Pug Checker (which pulls from the armory) I have run it 29 times now. I had never run this instance due to a need for gear, so the only time I go there is because it was the old daily random or because now the LFD sent me there.

I get this instance by far the most of any, why Bliz why ?!?! you are killing LFD for me. The next closest are UK and VH, both of which I ran a bunch of when I first hit 80 because UK was the “easiest” and VH was right there in Dal so no need to travel anywhere (both pre 3.3). Along those lines I never once ran Occ before the LFD tool, since the release of 3.3 I have been thrown there 17 times?!

FoS,PoS, and HoR I ran a bunch on my own for gear, I almost never get those instances in LFD and they are supposedly the hardest ones. So what happened to gear determining where you go?  I know it depends on the others in your group, and putting higher geared with the undergeared.

Here is what I think, the three instances I have run the most since LFD came into existence are HoL, Occ, and DTK (boss kills for DTK are not accurate right now but I know I have been there a ton). The reason Bliz loves to send me here? They give more emblems? Only DPS and Tanks queue for these? Bliz hates me?  Oh, I know, Bliz said we will give all holy pallys the longest instance to run back in, and then give them a noob DK tank what isn't defence capped just so they can have a challenge! That’s all I got…

If any of my 8 readers have any thoughts or random musings for me, I am listening!



  1. I've wondered the same thing myself, why do certain instances keep coming up time and time again while others do not?

    At my current gear level, I can do FoS, PoS and HoR with little problem these days, yet I hardly ever get them.

    Which is a shame, because I think there might actually be a few drops in each that might be beneficial, I'm not one to track what loot drops where so I don't know for sure, just intuition.

    If I had to guess, I'd suspect that the algorithm that chooses the random dungeon does things roughly like this.

    Takes the next person out of the queue for tank, healer and the next 3 dps.

    Checks dungeon prerequisites like those for FoS, PoS and HoR.

    Checks gear at a high level and probably gives a priority to dungeons so that it picks ones that are doable by the group.

    Checks the usage on the instances, giving higher priority to those that aren't being used at the time or haven't been used in a while.

    Checks the instance locks for each member and gives a lower chance to those that have been done already (though I have done the same instance more than once in a night).

    Does a sort, picks the first dungeon in the list and throws people in.

    And, of course, if anyone has queued up for a specific dungeon, that's the one that comes up, for the rest of the group it's "random" anyhow.

    Then again, I may be totally wrong, but that's how I'd do it if I was writing the LFD and the way it acts seems fairly consistent with that theory.

  2. Wow, what a super cool link! Thanks =)

    I love links that displays information in a graphically appealing way. I'm a sucker for sparkles =D

  3. It does seem that some of the instances come up more than others, and it seems to be battlegroup specific. I haven't got Occ once since they added the spoils bags, for instance. (Suits me fine). I get Cos *very* regularly tho, and that also suits me fine :D