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Monday, April 26, 2010

I have fallen to the Dark Side

So I was bored the other night and my buddy and I rolled hordies. I am taking on Shammy heals and he is going to go Bear tank, both Cows of course. Now I have a couple (many) thoughts on, well lots of things, so please excuse me as I ramble.

Maybe I am biased, from playing alliance for the past couple years, but I love to hear the Horde bitch and moan about the Alliance winning WG,… again! Especially when I was in that last battle whooping up on them!

Maybe I am biased, but Horde trade chat seems dumber, yes, dumber.

Maybe I am biased, but I think I am biased.

I am looking forward to checking out the world from the Hordes point of view before Cata destroys everything. I have never taken a Horde toon past level 20.

I did find a nice guild that reminds me a lot of my alliance guild, they are very helpful and willing to help run the lowbees thru old instances and help with group quest. So from this I am making the assumption that both sides have the same allure for great players coupled with lots of the stupid.

I need some GOLD!
When you start alts on the same server and the same faction as your main, you are blessed with gold, your guilds help (if you have one), trade goods, and equipment. Now Bliz has made it so you can send the BoA twink gear to any horde or alliance on your account, which is great for faster leveling and more survivability. But when your ONE bag fills up in the middle of a quest run and you are forced to delete much needed grays to keep that green, you get frustrated. Then I was faced with the dilemma of spending cash that I would use to get my next spells to get some 8 slot bags for 4 silver each. Ugh, half my cash for more bag space? WTH.

I could have went and begged for some gold, I could go visit the Chinese and buy some gold, or I could faction transfer another alt loaded with goodies, but then I remembered that I had something besides gear that was BoA. Wintergrasp Commendations! And what can we buy with Honor? That’s right! Epic Gems!

So I trade in some of my WG marks and gather up 5 of these to send to my baby Shammy. Then I wander Orgrimmar looking for the PVP jeweler vendor and purchase a Cardinal Ruby. Now to sell this baby and get some real bag space, … aaa crap, I need at least 75 silver to list this thing on the AH, so after 5 min of /trade WTS Cardinal Ruby for 100 gold (well under the AH asking price) I get my cash and some more spacious bags!

More on my horde adventures are to come.

Next post: HoL WTH!



  1. Omg, I can't believe I didn't think of the honour idea and selling the gems! Thanks for that. I'm in the same boat as you, just decided to roll horde to see the other side before it changes :)

  2. just remember you prob wont have the gold to list it in the AH. so shout it over trade or beg for the 75 silver to list it for 12 hours. Glad i could help!