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Friday, April 23, 2010

Late to the party on a lot of things (I Dig a....)

The Pony, who cares. If you want one, go spend your cash on it. Having it does nothing to directly impact non RP game play. When and if the day comes where Bliz is selling armor, trinkets, or other stat/ability altering things, then i will start bitching about it. It’s your money, it’s your in game experience, do what you will.

Pally Cataclysm changes, well I don’t agree with some of the proposed changes, Bliz is in the early stages, these new abilities will change a lot before release. Just as LoH went from being not self castable to causing forbearance in 3.3 (I think) a lot of these proposals will change as we provide constructive feed back to the designers.

I will say that Beacon (bacon) causing your copied heal to cost you additional mana is probably not going to work as they described. Some of my heals I will want to copy, some I won’t, having to remove and reapply beacon during a fight as a mana conserving technique does not scream !FUN! to me. So Bliz if you’re listening, don’t make me spend a GCD or even an extra click on managing this ability, it would be a giant pain in my ass. That’s right; I’ll spend my 15 bucks somewhere else, like on booze and smokes. Then I suppose I will have to take legal action against you for causing my downward spiral into a drug educed coma that will result in me being an even larger burden on society. I know you don’t want to be responsible for that or deal with my lawyers, so go figure out something a little more clever, or face the wrath of my ambulance chasing law firm!!!

(Sorry if any of my 7 readers are ambulance chasing lawyers)

Vail !


  1. Lawyers can look after themselves. They probably roll DK's on PvP realms just to gank people ;)