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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mages PA-LEASE! (if ya got it flaunt it)

Real quick on class etiquette, and I pick on mages because it is fresh in my mind. I know most people PuG the weekly raid, groups form about every 8 minutes on my server. I also know that for most people these are facerolls, I have healed some of them using only my HoT (yes pallys have a HoT!), but that doesn’t mean we can forget the basics. I always toss out my buffs and discuss aura selections because that is my class’s ability, the druids usually toss out a paw, the shammy’s pop heroism and a cook will throw down a fish etc, etc … Now you charge in and demolish Patchwork, DE your loot annnd …

A. Hearth?
B. Walk out?
C. Log off?
D. The Mage tries to runs out and dies in slime!
E. The Mage throws up a PORTAL TO DAL!!!!

I don’t get mad if you don’t put out your table, or if the lock doesn’t summon me some candy, odds are we won’t need either of those in this run. But come on, you’re a MAGE, it’s the only useful port (thing) you have these days, we know you want to go back to Dalaran, so why not cast the group portal so we can all come with you? Oh noes that regent cost you a silver?

Ok I’m done being petty, please use your classes ability when you have the chance.


1 comment:

  1. That's why you get a mage bf to portal you around! He even portals me when I don't need one!

    All kidding aside, that is rather irksome that they rather teleport then portal. The reagent cost was the same.... -.-