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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I do not like green eggs and ham, I do not like them SCAM I am!

Can we get a little more creative, or at least ditch the broken English?  Like many of you, I receive daily SPAM about how my WoW account has been hacked and to "Click here" to confirm it is mine.  Here is one of the most common,

(I am cutting and pasting) (also I move my mouth away from the microphone to breath) (I love to state the obvious)

An investigation of your World of Warcraft account has found strong evidence that the account in question is being sold or traded. As you may not be aware of, this conflicts with Blizzard's EULA under section 4 Paragraph B which can be found here:
WoW -> Legal -> End User License Agreement
and Section 8 of the Terms of Use found here:
WoW -> Legal -> Terms of Use (they couldn't even put in the link, they just tell you where to click)

The investigation will be continued by Blizzard administration to determine the action to be taken against your account. If your account is found violating the EULA and Terms of Use, your account can, and will be suspended/closed/or terminated.

In order to keep this from occurring, you should immediately verify that you are the original owner of the account.

To verify your identity please visit the following webpage:
Insert some variation of a Blizzard site
and so on

These text only e-mails are so annoying and i wish i knew enough about computer sabotage to blow these bastards up. 
This is my absolute favorite, and visually it looks great, until you read it. 

What?!?! for you to lose the World of Warcraft account in order to recover OUR losses? I am sorry, can you promise me something more rare (rarer?) than a celestial steed.  I would click your link if you promised me, a flying moonkin mount or an exclusive vanity pet, say a mini Donkey Kong for the Alliance and Mini Bowser for the Horde!

Here, this is how you do it,
Go find someone who is fluent in Americanized English > pay them to draft a scam e-mail for you > SPAM SPAM SPAM > PROFIT!

Just be careful, don't open anything in these e-mails the chances you are getting a legitimate e-mail from blizzard are slim, in the 4+ years I have been playing the only e-mail I have ever received from them is the one telling me they have taken money from my bank account for my monthly subscription fee.
Get an authenticator!

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